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Air Quality Sensor DSN-1

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The gas sensor DSN-1 is a mixed potential sensor that detects combustible gases in its environment. "Exhausted" air contains an increasing proportion of these combustible gases. The sensor reacts very well to CO. This sensor can be used as an air quality sensor in rooms where many people are present. It helps to monitor the ambient air and to add the needed content of fresh air. The sensor is used in in air conditioners, in coaches, trains, passenger cars, trucks, elevators, ships, etc. Regarding CO2 sensor cell is not sensitive. The application is very simple: the red-colored wires are used to heat the sensor cell. A heater temperature of 425 C is reached when a supply voltage of 3.2 V is applied. After burning off any oxide layers at non-reducing atmosphere a basic resistance Rso of 50 +/-35 ohms will be stable. This resistance is measured between the white strands. If now, for example, 100ppm CH4 is added to the ambient atmosphere, then the resistance will decrease to 60% of its initial value. If a certain threshold is reached an alarm or movement of a fresh air flap can be triggered.


mixed potential sensor

specific items

broadband sensitivity, suitable for leakage detection of combustible gases

heater resistance @ 0C

10+/-0.5 Ohms

operating temperature

425 +/-15C

heater resistance @ 425C

25.6+/-1.3 Ohms


3.2V DC stabilized

heater power consumption

415 mW

basic resistance RS0 sensorcell

50+/-35 kOhm

cables heater

red wire

cables sensorcell

white wire

dimensions housing

diameter 16 mm


length 50mm

connection cable

silicone wire 4x0,22mm


thread M10


installation manual DSN-1 85000 (PDF)


DSN-1 characteristic curve