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The airflowmeter PB-LMS is able to detect pulsations and is installed in many vehicle lines. Retrofitted SCR and DPF systems take advantage of airflowmeters to ensure proper function. The signal can give input to soot loading models and helps to maintain needed temperature profiles.

Luftmassenmesser helfen die Emissionen zu senken_klein1

This airflowmeter is installed in vehicles with diesel engine of the brands Mercedes and Volkswagen.

sketch (PDF)


airflowmeter PB-LMS



power supply heater

8…16,5 V DC

power supply electronics

5 V DC stabilised

signal output flow

1...5 V DC

measuring range (adjustable by varying tube diameter)

7…2500 kg / h

precision after 160,000 km


order code

sensor probe      50000e                     

connector kit      50020e

Flow Supply       87000e

installation instructions PB-LMS (PDF)


installation manual FlowSupply (part-no. 87000e) as PDF

By means of a separate power supply that can be connected to either 12 V DC vehicle batteries or to a 220/230V AC domestic electric net the airflowmeter becomes independent from any vehicle ECU and can be used for applications of engine dynanometers, test beds, ventilation ducts, fuel cells, stationary engines, CHP, etc. To set-up such a measuring device the airflow sensor (part.-no.50000e), a connector kit (50020e) and this electronics named FlowSupply (part-no. 87000e) are required. The installation is very simple. The airflowmeter has to be mounted in the tube with airflow. Connect the cable to the sensor and the FlowSupply. Plug in the voltage supply to the 220/230 V net. Ready! The output signal 0-5 V DC can be read by any voltmeter and programmable logic controller.

EngineSens Motorsensor GmbH is involved in the development of a exhaust gas mass sensor.      More information