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German Biogas Association

EngineSens Motorsensor GmbH

Mannheimer Str. 44 b

E-Mail  info@enginesens.com

D-68519 Viernheim / Germany

phone  +49 6204-986 08 23

fax       +49 6204-986 08 25

Sensing the future

Our Portfolio:

Temperature Probes, Differential Pressure Sensors for Particle Filters, Airflowmeters, NOx-Probes and consultancy regarding Exhaust Gas Purification and Exhaust Gas Sensors.




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We are consultants for exhaust gas sensors and exhaust gas purification. Below you will find some exemplified consulting assignments:

  • Measuring principles and possibilities of NOx-probes
  • All kinds of temperature probes
  • Comparison of substrate material and production capabilities of heated gassensors
  • Possibilities and limitations for the application of sootsensors
  • diverse market overviews
  • Assistance for the optimization of product portfolios
  • Integration of sensors in the ECU
  • Systemcomparison Thermocouples - Resistance Thermometers
  • Type approvals according to DIN 1434 and OIML
  • In-House-Training (see “Workshops”)

Renowned sensor manufacturers and vehicle OEM´s and automotive suppliers in Europe and abroad are our main customers.