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EngineSens Motorsensor GmbH

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D-68519 Viernheim / Germany

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Sensing the future

Our Portfolio:

Temperature Probes, Differential Pressure Sensors for Particle Filters, Airflowmeters, NOx-Probes and consultancy regarding Exhaust Gas Purification and Exhaust Gas Sensors.




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EngineSens Motorsensor Specialists for Temperature Probes

In 2010 the company EngineSens Motorsensor GmbH was established in the German Viernheim, 60 km south of Frankfurt Airport. Our main focus is to provide customers with exhaust gas temperature (EGT) probes

EGT-Probe HTS glowing
Luftmassenmesser helfen die Emissionen zu senken_klein1

The airflowmeter PB-LMS helps to prevent nature by reducing emissions due to cleaner combustion.

DTS VIII glowing

Up to 1100C (2012F): EGT-probe DTS-V III

 to be used in

  • stationary engines
  • combined heat and power (CHP)
  • performance improved cars and racing
  • exhaust gas purification systems
  • fuel cells

Products of famous manufactureres are distributed as well as own products. The product range is completed by temperature sensors for different media, differential pressure probes, airflowmeters, airquality sensors, NOx-probes and accessories.

Apart from sensors we offer services  such as

  • Workshops on topics of exhaust gas purification and related sensors
  • release testing e. g. Hot-Shake-Tests
  • determination of response times
  • benchmarks and market researches
  • approvals by authorities (e. g. PTB)
M-TS gas temperature probe 400C Pt1000_small1

Pt1000 Temperature sensor for the medium temperature range up to 400C (750F) designed to monitor and control suction air, exhaust gas reflow (EGR) and SCR-catalysts.


EGT-probes of the HTS series by SENSATA: left with immersion depth 50 mm, right a bent version, in center the variant EXT for stationary engines and general applications with 100 mm immersion depth. Max. temperature at the sensortip: 850C

60105 differential pressure sensor 100 kPa. small

Differential pressure sensor for DPF monitoring

DTS-V III Set small
Titan TE Pt1000 small

Temperature Probe based on PRTD TITAN TE for corrosive media

Our headquarter is located in Viernheim, Germany. We are 70 km south of Frankfurt Rhein-Main- Airport.

Professional exhaust gas temperature set with red LED display based on DTS-V III for charger monitoring up to

1,100C  ~ 2,012 F

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Sensor + Test 2024 Nuremberg

You will find us in hall 1, booth 472

EngineSens Messestand 2023
Thermometer Museum Geraberg klein

We support the museum of thermometers in Geraberg, Thuringia, This is the birthplace of the German Thermometer Industry. It is worth to be visited.