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The exhaust gas temperature sensor HTS (High Temperature Sensor) was developed by BorgWarner BERU Systems in Germany. Since January 2014 this product was taken over by Sensata and maufactureduntil 2023. Due to its closed housing design it is particularly suitable for particle-loaded exhaust gases up to a gas temperature of 900 ° C. It is primarily suitable for diesel engines but also for stratified charge gasoline engines. It is applicable for use in stationary engines, off-road units, range extenders, marine engines, domestic heating, industrial furnaces, exhaust gas recirculation pipes, furnace inspections, etc. The standard versions offer an immersion depth of 50 mm and are equipped with 1 m cable including a Hirschmann (MLK) connector.  Part No. 20 100 represents the straight version, whereas No. 20105 is bent 90°. Both can be easily read out by the display unit DU-EGT. Together with the welding socket SO-200 it is part of our EGT-Set. Please read more below. special versions for turbocharger applications with 35 mm immersion depth are available on demand. The next generation HTS-NG will be introduced soon.

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DataSheet HTS (PDF)

Installation Manual HTS   (PDF)

Sketch Part-No. 20100 (PDF)

Sketch Part.-No. 20105 (PDF)

HTS 20100_small

HTS straight version Part No. 20100

Look-up Table Temperature-Resistance HTS (PDF)

Our complete kit: EGT-Gauge No. 20500

HTS bent version Part-No. 20105

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For monitoring exhaust gas temperatures, we offer a professional EGT-gauge with a 12 V DC power supply. The 4-digit LED display is red and is easily recognizable in sunlight and in darkness. The display unit DU-200 is fixed by means of adjustable clamps on the back of the case. A section of 42x21 mm has to be cut out for mounting in a dashboard. It displays temperature in increments of 1 ° C from -40°C up to 1000 ° C. The kit consists of three components:

20100 EGT probe HTS incl. screw

40100 welding socket SO-200

70210 Display Unit DU-EGT

HTS-Set small

EGT-gauge 20500: digital Exhaust Gas Temperature Display

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