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Temperature Probes, Differential Pressure Sensors for Particle Filters, Airflowmeters, NOx-Probes and consultancy regarding Exhaust Gas Purification and Exhaust Gas Sensors.




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The DTS-V III is the Premium Product to measure Gastemperatures up to 1,100 °C

This sensor consists of a drift-free N-type thermocouple with electronic transmitter that operates on 12 V or 24 V voltage. The temperature dependent output signal is a DC voltage 0-5 V, which can be directly processed by programmable control devices.
Please click on the link for the description of the functional principle.

We offer two standard versions:

Thermocouple Basics

function details

DTS-V 30150_small1

Part-No. 30150: Version for turbocharger monitoring in racing applications and for high-performance engines. Based on a measuring tip with a small diameter the sensor tip is mechanically reinforced by a support sleeve. The probe can be fixed with female fitting or male thread M14x1.5. The metal mesh wire can be selected with 70 cm or 100 cm length. The mounting of the transmitter box is easy to accomplish thanks to the metal flange.

Data Sheet 30150 (PDF)

Drawing 30150 (PDF)

Installation Manual 30150 (PDF)

Table Temperature-Output Voltage (PDF)

Part-No. 30200: Version for cogeneration plants, fuel cells, engine test stands, burners, HC-dosers, etc. The probe tip can be bent individually. Mounting with compression fitting 3 mm (not included) for any intrusion length. The black transmitter box can be easily fixed with cable binders (not included) or similar solutions.

Data Sheet 30200 (PDF)

Drawing 30200 (PDF)

DTS-V 30200b_small

Installation Manual 30200 (PDF)

Table Temperature-Output Voltage (PDF)